Sprinter Relay Forms

Each Sprinter Relay Football Forms kit contains:



  1. Fifteen 11" x 17" Individual Defensive Statistic Sheets - keeps track of tackles, turnovers, big plays, big hits, etc., for up to 27 players. Enough sheets for more than one a game and a season total.
  2.  Fifteen 23" x 18" Individual Offensive Statistic Sheets - easy to use forms let you keep game by game or season statistics on rushing, passing, receiving, kick returns and scoring by up to 19 individuals.
  3.  One each 23" x 18" Offensive, Defensive, and Kicking Goal Sheets to plot your overall team success. Does up to twelve games.
  4. One 23" x 18" Master Schedule Sheet - use to record both scouting information and results of all your opponents games.

Also available for purchase, but not included in the football kit, are two different types of practice schedule forms. The first type is on five part NCR paper. This allows the head coach to write out his practice schedule one time and distribute it to each staff member. If you do not have a five-man staff, the extra sheets can be kept out for future reference or put in the dressing room for the athletes to see what their workout will be. This practice schedule is also adaptable to basketball, baseball, swimming, off-season, etc.

The second practice schedule is for football only. It is printed on card stock and each coach gets one for his use and future reference. This form breaks the practice down into pre-practice, individual group and team offense and defense, kicking and conditioning. Both types of practice schedules are sold in bundles of 100. The football kit and practice schedules have been designed by coaches for coaches. We know how valuable your time is. Get the maximum use of your time with Sprinter Relay Football Forms!