Sprinter Relay Forms

Sprinter Relay® Forms provides all materials necessary for a twenty team track meet, plus some extras not available elsewhere.

Each division kit includes the following:

  1. Non carbon paper, three color preliminary heat sheets for all running events that produce clear complete readable duplicate copies.
  2. NCR triplicate final forms for all distances and sprint races.
  3. Five forms for field events requiring heights and ten forms for field events requiring distances.
  4. A 28 by 22 inch meet score card for all schools, events, winners, points and totals.
  5. Twenty coaches individual events score cards with a tear out card for reporting each schools high point individual.
  6. Most important, save hours with our exclusive meet summary form which lists all places, meet records and team standings. Only two sheets completed by your press box staff during the meet as final results are reported. They can be heat copied or run over a thermal master for immediate delivery as soon as the meet is over.

Cost of carbons, paper, staples, poster board plus hours of your valuable time makes expense of this service minimal, usually only that of a typical entry fee.

These forms are designed for coaches that have shared the same headaches we have in preparing for an invitational track meet. We hope you will let us be your remedy for this needless pain.